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Code of Ethics

We at Senior Life Services are committed to not only having but also enforcing a strict code of ethics with all of our agents and employees.

Our code of ethics is not just about laws, rules and regulations.  It’s also a statement of the values that we want all of our agents and employees to embrace and follow.

HONESTY AND INTEGRITY: We will conduct business according to the highest standards of honesty, integrity and fairness. Our motto is “Honesty is always the best policy.”

FAIR COMPETITION: We will engage in aggressive but fair competition with rival companies and agencies. We will promote the strengths of our products and our organizations, rather than disparage our competitors.

HONEST SALES MATERIAL: We will only use advertising and sales materials that are clear as to purpose and honest and fair in content. All such materials, including product illustrations, will comply with State and Federal regulations and insurance company guidelines. Our materials, as well as our agents and employees, will always clearly and fairly describe the features, benefits, exclusions, limitations, and costs of our products.

ETHICAL SALES AGENTS: We will ensure that our agents are duly licensed and qualified to market our products in the geographical territory concerned. We will furthermore carefully select, train, and supervise our agents to maintain the highest levels of ethical and professional behavior throughout our organization.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: We will encourage our agents and employees to provide competent and customer - focused sales and service. Our agents will never knowingly recommend duplicate or inappropriate coverage to a client or prospective client. Our employees will always focus on what the customer needs and how we can best help him/her to meet those needs. We will strive to handle all customer inquiries, complaints, and claims fairly and expeditiously.

SUPERVISION AND REVIEW: We will maintain a strict system of supervision and review designed to assure the desired level of ethical performance by every agent and employee.

CODE VIOLATIONS: When code violations occur, we will take corrective action through effective communication and re-training. We will, however, not tolerate or continue our relationship with any agent or employee who proves unable or unwilling to conduct themselves in accordance with our Code of Ethics on an ongoing basis.

Our code has been adopted so that each agent/employee understands that we always want to do “the right thing,” by the client, the insurance company, the agency and themselves simply because it’s “the right thing to do.”

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