burial insurance and final expense insurance are essentially the same

Are Burial Insurance and Final Expense the Same?

Burial insurance is a kind of life insurance policy that allows you to make sure your loved ones are financially stable after you’re gone. Burial insurance is also called final expense insurance. It’s generally affordable and easy to apply for. Keep reading to learn more about burial insurance!

Burial Insurance Overview

Burial insurance is a type of life insurance plan with a smaller death benefit, typically between $2,000 and $50,000. This means that when you pass, your loved ones will get the death benefit that you purchased. While these policies were originally intended to help people pay for funeral expenses, they can use this for whatever purposes they see fit. This often includes hospital bills, mortgages, and even the funeral itself. Final expense insurance is a policy that can be used for any of these expenses and more. 

Final expense insurance works like any other private insurance plan. You choose a plan, sign the contract, pay the monthly premium, and your loved ones receive your death benefit upon your death. 

Cost of Burial Insurance

The cost of your burial insurance plan changes depending on the age, gender, smoking status, and health of the policyholder. It also depends on the size of the policy. Typically, people with a longer lifespan will pay less per month—meaning younger people, women, and nonsmokers will pay less per month. This means that younger people, women, and nonsmokers will pay less each month. Depending on the variables, people pay between $50-$400 per month on average. This range can widen to include $15-$575 depending on the person. Take a look at our brief listings below to understand the differences in rates. 

People Age 65

Female No Waiting Period

$5,000: $22.11

$10,000: $41.01

$15,000: $59.91

$20,000: $78.82

Female Tobacco & No Waiting Period

$5,000: $29.60

$10,000: $56.00

$15,000: $82.40

$20,000: $108.79

Female Guaranteed Acceptance

$5,000: $28.19

$10,000: $54.51

$15,000: $80.76

$20,000: $107.02

Male No Waiting Period

$5,000: $29.48

$10,000: $55.76

$15,000: $82.04

$20,000: $108.31

Male Tobacco & No Waiting Period

$5,000: $41.10

$10,000: $78.99

$15,000: $116.88

$20,000: $154.77

Male Guaranteed Acceptance

$5,000: $34.60

$10,000: $68.29

$15,000: $101.98

$20,000: $135.67

Finding the Most Reputable Insurance Companies

One of the best ways to find the best company and plan is to talk to an agent. Agents are familiar with the best companies in your area. Popular companies include:

These companies are rated by multiple rating companies. A.M. Best provides the scores given below. The scoring system takes into account factors like history of paying claims and other financial obligations. 

Burial insurance, aka final expense insurance, is a great way to protect your loved ones when you’re gone. To learn more, contact us at Senior Life Services.


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