Burial Insurance for Diabetics

It is not only possible to find burial insurance for diabetics, but it’s also possible to find an affordable plan with no waiting period. 

The key is working with an independent agent that has access to the companies who have these policies. Which means, you’ve come to the right place.

Senior Life Services Burial Insurance for Diabetics

Burial insurance for diabetics application process

We will ask you about your diabetes to help you find companies that will work with your unique situation. However, you will not have to have a medical exam. 

Here are some examples of questions you may be asked: 

  • Were you diagnosed with diabetes at age __ or younger? (Each company could have a different age they ask)
  • Within the last two years have you been treated for or been given medical advice by a doctor for uncontrolled diabetes?
  • Within the last two years have you had complications of diabetes such as nephropathy (kidney issues), neuropathy (nerve, circulatory issues), retinopathy (eye issues), diabetic coma, or insulin shock?
  • Did you use insulin before age __? (Different companies may have different ages)
  • Have you had an amputation because of complications due to diabetes?

Even if you answer yes to these questions, we still may have companies who will approve you for burial insurance coverage.

And there are some companies who only ask a single question regarding the disease.

How much does burial insurance for diabetics cost?

In general, final expense companies do not make a big deal out of diabetes. 

However, there are still some who will charge a higher premium. And if you have had complications from a young age, they will charge vastly more. 

So, you are doing yourself a disservice if you go through an agency that doesn’t work with lots of companies. 

The best route to take when looking for burial insurance when you have diabetes is to work with an agency like us who has access to several companies who work with diabetics.

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