Burial Insurance

Burial insurance is a type of life insurance meant to cover the funeral and burial expenses for a person who dies. 

It is not meant to leave any extra money for your surviving loved ones. 

Because of that, however, it is a more affordable life insurance policy for those getting up there in years. And it is a good peace-of-mind policy and makes sure your family and loved ones are not left footing the bill for your funeral.

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Why do I need burial insurance?

The purpose of burial insurance is to have a plan to pay for your final arrangements so your family doesn’t have to do so. They’ll be in a grieving state when you pass away, so there’s no need to put more burden on them by leaving them with a hefty bill. 

Costs for a funeral and burial are rising. The average price for a funeral and burial are hovering near $8,000 right now and that number is expected to increase every year.

Does social security pay for funeral costs?

Social security does provide family members with a lump sum payment when a loved one passes away, but that amount is only $255. Additional benefits may be available but, as you can see, will not make a dent in the hefty costs of a funeral.

Burial insurance

Paying for funeral in advance

Lots of people make the choice to pay for their funeral costs in advance to make sure they both get the funeral they want and prevent their loved ones from having to take care of the bill. 

However, you can often save thousands of dollars by purchasing a burial insurance plan. Because these policies offer smaller death benefits, the premiums are much more affordable than traditional life insurance policies. They also usually don’t require a medical exam or physical.

Cremation vs. burial

Some think the way to curtail the high costs of a funeral and burial is to have their bodies cremated instead. The prices of a cremation vs. burial are, on average, cheaper. However, there is a wide range.

The average cost of a cremation is around $5,200 and could be even more depending on the state and services chosen. This means a cremation can still cost nearly the same price as a funeral. 

Regardless of the price, it may still be in your best interest to purchase a burial insurance policy to take care of the bill.

Help with burial insurance

If you need help deciding on a burial insurance plan, we can help you find the lowest quotes or the highest amount of coverage available in your area. 

Our site is dedicated to providing you with information regarding burial insurance information no matter what state you live in.

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