you can apply for burial insurance online, and we can help

Can I Buy A Burial Policy Online?

You can apply to a burial policy online. However, there are other portions of the application process which require more effort and contact. The application process requires that you be thoughtful, truthful, and organized. Read on to learn more about how to apply to a policy online.

Find an Agent Online

The internet has made many processes easier. One of those processes is finding information about a business to pick the best organization for you. Choosing an agent means you should research — and ask your friends and family for who they use — to find the best fit for you. After you put in that effort on the front end, you will be much less frustrated throughout the process. An agent can make the comparing, quoting, applying, and even delivering forms less taxing. Finding an agent online or by word of mouth is the first step to buying a policy online.

Compare Plans Online

Before you choose one plan, you want to compare many different companies and plans in your region. Burial plans are very different from one another. Using online resources such as company pages with their quotes is the most accurate way to get quotes besides speaking with an agent. 

Apply Online

There are three ways to apply: you can apply online, over the telephone, or face to face with an agent. To apply for a policy, you will need: 

  • Your social security number
  • Your driver’s license
  • Medical history
  • Prescription drug names
  • Other life insurance policies you have.

However, after you complete the online portion, you’ll have to schedule and complete a phone interview with the insurance company. They conduct this interview to clarify certain points of your application. There is no way to do this portion of the application online.

The internet has made many things easier, such as applying for burial insurance. However, there are still portions of the application process that require face-to-face time or a phone interview. If you would like to learn more about the application process, give us a call at Senior Life Services today.


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