Can You Buy Burial Insurance on Disability?

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re looking for a burial insurance policy while on disability. Alternatively, you may be looking for coverage for a loved one on disability. Either way, this can be a challenging endeavor. You have likely heard conflicting information regarding eligibility while on SSDI. Let’s start with some good news: burial insurance is available to individuals on disability. 

It’s true that there was once a time when a disability claim would prevent you from being able to access life insurance. Thankfully times have changed. Insurance providers have amended this stipulation and addressed this gap in the market. Burial insurance options are now available to most people on disability, often at surprisingly affordable rates.

You May Need to Answer a Medical Questionnaire

As you may know, all insurance providers will ask a few health-related questions to determine eligibility. While no exam is required for a burial insurance policy, there is no getting around the medical questionnaire. Since medical information is disclosed, those on SSDI might immediately see an obstacle. Don’t get discouraged. These questions vary significantly between providers because they all have different rules for who they accept and who they decline. We can help you find an insurance provider that will accept your health conditions while on disability.

When answering health-related questions during the application process, you’ll find that most insurance providers won’t even ask if you are currently on disability. Even if they are one of the very few to ask whether you are working, retired, or disabled, it is a total non-issue for most companies. Your answer is very unlikely to make or break your eligibility. Beyond that, it’s important and encouraging to understand that all life insurance companies vary when responding to health conditions. What may disqualify you from one insurance provider may be a total non-issue for another. This is why working with an insurance agency like Senior Life Services is so critical. We have the ability to compare different policies across many insurance providers and help you get the coverage you need.

By now, if you are on disability and looking for insurance, you should be feeling some peace of mind. The mere fact that you are on disability should not stand between you and the coverage you desire. However, there are some instances where your disability status could present a challenge when seeking burial insurance. 

While your potential insurer won’t care much if you’re on disability, they may be very interested in why you are on disability. Again, this will not come between you and your burial insurance. But it could determine who will accept you as a provider. Remember that if one company declines to cover you, there is almost certainly another one ready with open arms. 

Types of Disabilities

To dig a little deeper, let’s examine some of the leading causes of disability and discuss what an insurance provider might consider during the application process. 

Arthritis: Does your arthritis interfere with your ability to perform basic life tasks? If you are unable to bathe, toilet, eat, or dress as a result of your arthritis, you may have trouble getting approved by some companies. Additionally, if you need home health care as a direct result of your arthritis, you may have to shop around for a company that will approve your condition. If your arthritis limits your workability but not your daily tasks, it will be a complete non-issue. 

Back Pain: This is a very common cause for a disability claim. Again, if your back pain was so extreme that you require home health care, it could be an issue. But as long as you can perform essential, functional tasks (bathing, getting dressed, etc.), your back pain will not interfere with your application process.

Cancer: If you have cancer or had it in the recent past, you could run into an issue qualifying for some burial insurance policies. Don’t worry; you can still get insured. But depending on your situation, including the type of cancer and the current status of your health, you may have to pay a higher premium. You will very likely have to get a policy with a waiting period as well, meaning that your benefit would not be paid until 24 monthly payments have been received.  

Heart Disease: This is a blanket term used to refer to several heart-related health problems. Most of these specific conditions will not change your ability to qualify for burial insurance in any way. Whether you deal with hypertension, atrial fibrillation, or you have had a previous heart attack, the truth is that most insurance companies simply won’t care. The heart-related issue which poses the greatest risk for insurers is congestive heart failure (CHF). Even with a diagnosis of CHF, there are a few insurance companies that will accept you. Again, this might be more costly or have a waiting period attached, but you will be insured at least.

Depression: This is an extremely common cause for a disability claim, but depression, along with numerous other mental health conditions, will not get between you and a burial insurance policy. There are many insurance providers willing to offer you coverage with mental health issues, including depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.

Diabetes: There is no doubt that you will find multiple final expense insurance providers who will offer you coverage with open arms if you have diabetes. No matter how severe, this is a non-issue for many companies. Even if you have had complications like neuropathy, you will find affordable coverage without much trouble.

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Remember, it’s important to compare your options among multiple insurance providers to find the best coverage for you. This is a time-consuming process and can leave you with more questions than when you started. At Senior Life Services, we have access to numerous insurance providers and the knowledge to navigate this process. Let us unburden you from the task of finding your perfect policy.

We would love to speak with you about your burial insurance needs and your disability status so we can put our expertise to work for you. By comparing your options, we can determine the best one available, save you as much money as possible, and help you answer any other questions which might arise in the process.


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