The cost of cremation and burial

Cremation vs. Burial Costs

Whether you choose a burial or a cremation, you will have the flexibility to pick out several options. However, with these various options come certain costs. Most of the costs linked with conventional burials are greater than cremation expenses, and it is not unusual for folks to spend unwisely when they plan a funeral.

Considering all your options in advance is the ideal way in which you can effectively manage your expenses. When you know what is available in your particular residential area, it can assist you to not overspend on funeral expenses.

According to the latest data provided by National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), the average cost for adults’ cremation is 6,260 dollars (with a funeral and a viewing) and 8,755 dollars for burial with a funeral and a vault. Bear in mind that these are just approximate figures.

The average cremation cost is generally a fraction of the expenses linked with a conventional burial or funeral because a lower number of services are part of a cremation. The costs of cremation differ from one state to another. Still, the cremation type performed (cremation with a memorial, cremation with a viewing, direct cremation, and so forth) can also impact the overall expense. Consequently, services can cost you between 1000 dollars and 3000 dollars at the lower end of the range spectrum but can cost as high as 5000 dollars to 8000 dollars contingent on which particular options you pick.

Cremation Expenses


You require a casket for cremation when there is a funeral or viewing service. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the median cost is around 2,400 dollars. However, a few funeral homes have caskets to rent for a funeral service before transferring the deceased for cremation.

Cremation Urn:

If a certain family unit plans to disperse the ashes of their beloved one, they require just a basic urn, which costs about 280 dollars (median price). That expense is generally for a standard urn made of wood, ceramic, or metals such as stainless steel or pewter. If the family provides its very own cremation urn, the cost can be anywhere between 50 dollars and 5000 dollars (sometimes even more!).

Burial Expenses

Vault, Casket, and Hearse:

The average cost of a casket made from metal is around 2400 dollars, and the vault cost – that majority of the cemeteries need to safeguard the casket from the dirt’s weight above it – is about 1300 dollars.

Keep in mind that casket expenses can vary significantly depending on their material (steel, copper, bronze, etc.). You can even customize the casket you want, but that can cost you quite a lot (around 65000 dollars or more!).

Also, the approximate expense of a hearse to transport the body to the burial ground is 275 dollars.

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