Final Expense in The First State

When someone passes away, there are definite costs that must be paid. Some of these costs include funerals, burials, cremations, and end-of-life medical expenses. If you do not have an insurance policy or assets prepared, these costs will fall onto your immediate family members. 

Avoid this scenario by getting final expense insurance. These plans provide coverage that will keep your family from having to pay out-of-pocket when you die.

What Is Final Expense Insurance?

Final expense insurance functions like any other life insurance policy — you apply, choose a coverage amount, then pay premiums. The only real difference is that the application process does not require you to submit to a medical exam. With this in mind, you can expect it to be much easier to qualify for final expense insurance compared to other life insurance options. 

Final Expense Costs in Delaware

Because it is easier to qualify, final expense costs more than other forms of life insurance. While you may pay similar premiums, the amount of coverage you get per dollar will absolutely be lower. Though, this should not be a problem for people who do not qualify for other types of life insurance. 

How much you pay for final expense insurance in Delaware depends on your age, gender, and the answers you provide to a list of health-related questions you will be asked during the application process. The underwriter may also use other factors to determine what your premiums will be, but this is most of what is used to dictate pricing. 

Final Expense Benefits in Delaware

Final expense insurance, like any other life insurance, allows you to select beneficiaries who will be paid the death benefit when you or another insured person dies. Anyone can be your beneficiary, as long as they accept the role. You can even choose multiple beneficiaries if you like. 

How much the beneficiaries will receive when you pass depends on what level of coverage you purchase. Some plans only offer $5,000, while others offer as much as $50,000. The best part about final expense insurance is that you get to choose a plan that suits your exact needs.

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