Burial Insurance Policies For Diabetics

Do Burial Insurance Policies Accept People With Diabetes?

If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, you probably know that it can limit some of your insurance possibilities.  When researching insurance plans, keep in mind that every burial policy is different and every insurance provider will have varying qualifications.


Some insurance policies will include underwriting.  The goal of underwriting is to determine your health situation and the insurance provider’s possible risk when insuring you.  Different types of insurance require underwriting.  However, it may be possible to pay higher premiums and skip the underwriting process altogether.  

It’s not uncommon for burial insurance to require underwriting.  If you are required to go through the underwriting process, you’ll be asked a series of questions to learn more about your health.  Questions about the severity of your diabetes and any symptoms or side effects you have will most likely be asked.


Diabetes is fairly common.  Because of this, there are many insurance providers that will accept people with diabetes for a burial insurance policy.  With that being said, there may be some providers that don’t feel comfortable offering you a policy.

If you have diabetes it’s still entirely possible for you to purchase a burial insurance policy.  It’s also possible for you to have an affordable premium.  Don’t let a diabetes diagnosis stop you from purchasing the insurance you want.  Even if you have a more severe case of diabetes, it’s still possible to enroll in a burial insurance policy.

What is burial insurance?

Funerals cost a lot of money—according to the National Funeral Directors Association, the national median cost of a funeral with a viewing and burial cost is $7,640. For cremation, including a cremation casket and urn, the average is $6,645.  Burial insurance can cover these expenses and allows you to plan the funeral ahead of time with the budget your policy will provide. Think of your typical life insurance policy—you pay a monthly premium and receive a specified payout once the policyholder passes away to be used as they will. 

Burial insurance is like a smaller, more specific version of a life insurance policy. The policyholder will decide the arrangements they will want and establish a plan with a payout that will cover those costs. They will choose a beneficiary to receive this payout to put towards these costs and whatever other payments the policyholder designated.


If you’re beginning the process of finding affordable insurance, know that researching is key.  There are insurance providers who will insure diabetics, but it’s important that you learn about all the options you have.

Requesting quotes from different companies is the only way to be sure you’re getting the best price available.  Being able to compare options is extremely helpful when selecting an insurance plan.  While price is important, it’s also important that you find an insurance provider you can trust.  You should be able to ask questions and get informative, honest answers.  You’ll be working with your insurance provider to both select a plan and make any changes to that policy in the future, so pick an agent that you trust.

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