Funeral Planning: Mistakes to Avoid

Over the years, there have been all kinds of terrible and strange failures and mishaps that happened at funerals. Caskets have been dropped, families have gotten into physical altercations, hearses have gotten lost, and we won’t even start on the selfies. Today we’re going to talk about a funeral mistake that happens before the funeral even happens: the lack of proper planning.

Lack of Planning

Deaths often come as a surprise, and with deaths, come funerals. Funerals are events that no one wants to talk about. It’s understandable why, but this lack of communication around funerals usually leads to a lack of planning.

Lack of planning is first on our list of funeral fails because it leaves the family and loved ones of the deceased with the burden of having to finalize and plan the funeral while they’re grieving the loss of a loved one. 

Deaths are incredibly difficult, challenging events to go through. Worrying about funeral costs, burial costs, coffin costs, and every other cost associated with them doesn’t make them any easier to handle.

Rounding Up the Money

In many cases where the deceased does not have funeral coverage, it’s up to the family to cover the costs of the funeral. That said, funerals are expensive, and contributing to them can put families in difficult financial situations.

The average funeral costs between $7000 to $9000. That’s quite a lot of money for the average family to cover. Not to mention the heightened tensions that can spark up when there are unequal contributions, absent family members, etc.

Another difficulty that comes from the lack of proper funeral coverage is that in addition to mourning the loss of a loved one, family members now need to contribute towards the funeral costs. This combination of grief with financial shock can heighten the already highly wound emotions of family members and friends.


With typical funeral coverage, the insurance provider usually pays out the claim within 48 hours after the claim has been approved. This means that the funeral process can happen faster and smoothly without delays.

Alternatively, when a person doesn’t have funeral coverage, the costs can only be paid for once family members have collected money in most cases. This usually takes much longer to get sorted out and can have many delays and inaccuracies, depending on how it goes with the family members.

The problem arises as time goes on. And, as time passes, the costs usually tend to get higher. The result can be very costly for the family, and it can leave many people involved feeling frustrated.


The above-mentioned funeral mistakes happen all the time. But just because they happen often doesn’t mean they need to happen to you. Funeral insurance is an excellent, affordable way for families to avoid these mistakes before they even occur. 

By getting insured, you can plan ahead, ensuring that when the time comes, you won’t leave your family asking each other for funeral contributions or, worse, going into debt.

Most funeral insurance plans payout in 48 hours, and sometimes less, ensuring that the funeral proceedings continue without delays or risks of heightening family tensions. Many funeral insurance policies can also be taken out on behalf of someone else, so the person can be covered, even if they can’t afford the coverage.

And lastly, by taking out the right funeral policy, you can totally negate the possibility of your family members going into debt after you’re gone. As we mentioned earlier, funerals aren’t exactly cheap. If families cannot sort the costs out between each other, debt is usually the first option.

With the right coverage, you’ll prevent the above mistakes from happening.

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