Giving Back

During the last ten years, we have enjoyed explosive growth within our company. We have an army of agents that are earning more now than they ever have in their lives. We are both humbled and grateful for our tremendous success, and honored that we are continuing to grow with lives being changed along the way.

Because we have been so fortunate, in 2012 we decided to form an outreach program to “Give Back” to the communities we serve. There are many people suffering in poverty and in need of help in the communities we serve, and we are proud to be able to contribute financially to help those who need help the most.

Since 2012 we have donated to more than 50 community-based charities in more than 15 states. Our donations currently exceed $100,000 and are growing.

Please view the photos of donations from the past and expect to see this program grow to new heights in the future.

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