How Do I Apply for Funeral Insurance?

Applying for funeral insurance is just like applying for other types of insurance. You find a company you trust with a plan you like and apply. You then pay a monthly premium depending on your age, comorbidities, and policy amount. Read on to learn more about how to apply for funeral insurance.

Choose a Type of Funeral Insurance

When thinking about funeral insurance, it is important to clarify what type of insurance you mean. Final expense insurance, often referred to as funeral insurance or a burial policy, is one popular option. Final expense insurance is a type of small life insurance policy that allows loved ones to cover any expense associated with end-of-life needs. 

While many people choose to use it to cover funerals, you’re not obligated to use it for that purpose. You may also purchase a large life insurance policy that can be used to cover funerals.

Finally, you can also purchase a preneed insurance policy. A preneed policy is a type of funeral insurance in which you pre-pay your funeral. In this type of policy, you approach a specific funeral home and pay an agreed-upon amount—depending on the funeral services you prefer. 

Choose an Agent

The next step in purchasing funeral insurance is to choose a licensed agent. An agent can help you choose among your different options to cover funeral expenses. They can also help you choose a reputable company and a plan that best suits your needs. Agents are well-versed in the field and which plans are best in your area. 

Filling Out Your Application

There are three ways to apply for a funeral insurance policy: online, over the phone, or in person. To apply, you’ll need your social security number, your driver’s license, medical history, prescription drug names, and other life insurance policies you have. After you fill out your application, you’ll complete a phone interview with a representative of the insurance agency to verify some portions of your application. 

Accept Your Plan

If you’re accepted by the plan you applied for, you’ll have to electronically sign forms to confirm your acceptance. You’re then obligated to pay a monthly premium—set out by your plan—in order to get the benefit upon your death.
Applying for funeral insurance can seem intimidating, but it’s actually quite simple. By choosing an agent early, you can help eliminate some of the confusion that may pop up in the process. At Senior Life Services, we can help you navigate the process of applying for and accepting a funeral insurance policy. Call (800) 548-3249 to get started today!


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