Eligibility for burial insurance is typically a fairly easy process

How Is Eligibility for Burial Insurance Determined?

Eligibility for burial insurance is typically a fairly easy process. Plus, enrolling in burial insurance is also incredibly easy, and there are very few reasons as to why you would be denied coverage.

Eligibility and Burial Insurance Introduction

So, what is burial insurance? It is a type of permanent life insurance meant to provide coverage until you, the policyholder, passes away. Certainly not a fun topic. Fortunately for its patrons and beneficiaries, burial insurance makes the conversation much easier. 

With burial insurance, you can plan and save money for your funeral and other final expenses. When you (the policyholder) pass away, the agreed-upon sum of money known as the death benefit will be issued to your beneficiary. This is a loved one you specifically choose to handle these funds in the way you had intended. Death benefits can be $2,000 and sometimes up to $50,000.

How can you sign up for a burial insurance policy? This is where the question of eligibility comes in. When talking with burial insurance providers in your area, they will all follow the same general protocol to determine whether they can insure you. 

This can go one of two ways, both regarding your health—either simplified issue, with minor, easy-to-answer questions regarding any medical conditions, or guaranteed issue, which guarantees you a policy. You get to decide which option works best for you, as there are benefits to each system that works better for some than others.

Eligibility with Minor Health Questions

Simplified issue burial insurance uses a process known as medical underwriting to determine your eligibility. This is a small, short, and easy questionnaire that answers extremely important questions for the insurer. Questions may vary between providers but can look similar to this:

  • Have you been diagnosed, treated, tested positive for, or been given medical advice by a medical professional for: 
    • Congestive heart failure?
    • AIDS, AIDS Related Complex, or HIV?
    • Lou Gehrig’s disease?
  • Within the past 12 months, have you been recommended to use, or have you used, oxygen equipment to assist with breathing?
  • Are you using a wheelchair or electric scooter due to an ongoing diagnosed illness, medical condition, or disease?
  • Are you a resident, or have you been advised to move into a nursing home or skilled nursing facility?

Keep in mind that your eligibility may also change based on your age, as some insurers do not accept individuals over age 85, which will be discussed further in the following section.

Easier Eligibility with No Health Questions

Guaranteed issue burial insurance, on the other hand, throws out this process completely. Your health is not taken into question whatsoever, and you are eligible regardless of your health.

There are a few key differences to keep in mind between simplified and guaranteed issue. Firstly, understand that the coverage they offer is virtually identical. You can sign up for the same exact death benefit with a guaranteed issue policy as you could with simplified issue.

The main difference lies, of course, in the eligibility. It is easier to qualify for guaranteed issue than it is for simplified issue burial insurance. Within this distinction, however, also lies a notable difference in cost.

Because guaranteed issue policies have no knowledge of your health, there is an assumed risk involved for the insurance company. This means that, because you were seemingly unable to answer the underwriting questionnaire, you must have a serious medical condition that puts you at risk. The company must make up for this risk in your monthly premiums.

This, however, is not troubling or unexpected. Guaranteed issue is simple, easy, and still affordable compared to what you would have to settle for otherwise—no life insurance at all. A good insurance agency, like Senior Life Services, is upfront about these differences and can find you a policy you can afford that still accepts you as eligible.

The Bottom Line

For both guaranteed and simplified issue, the only other eligibility factor to worry about is age. Depending on the policy and insurance company, eligible age for enrollment for burial insurance may be limited to those 85 and younger. There are, however, many insurers that allow older individuals to enroll, Senior Life Services included. If you are concerned about your age and eligibility, there are still policies out there for you.

So, your main determining eligibility factors for burial insurance include health and age. Other life insurance policies are far more strict with these factors, often only accepting individuals 50-60 years old or younger and with no big health concerns.

If you’re at all concerned about your eligibility for a burial insurance policy, rest easy—there’s a high probability that you’ll be accepted.

Reasons You Could Potentially Be Denied Coverage

Still worried you may not qualify? The only reason some insurance companies reject burial insurance applicants is because of false paperwork. If you fill out your application incorrectly or purposefully provide false information, you will, of course, be ineligible and turned down for coverage.

Of the many eligibility considerations used for other types of life insurance, the only one considered by burial insurance is a criminal record. And, in some cases, there are insurers out there who will still cover you.

Other whole and term life policies will use your age, physical and mental health, lifestyle, occupation, and finances to determine your eligibility. The key takeaway when understanding your burial insurance eligibility, then, is that there is a policy out there for you.

Find Out if You Qualify for Burial Insurance

Considering burial insurance? Knowing which type of policy you are eligible for is a fantastic start. Senior Life Services can discuss your eligibility further and offer policy options that fit your needs and budget. Call 800-548-3249 today.


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