Final Expense in The Gem State

End-of-life costs may be a growing concern for you. If they are, you can get some peace of mind by buying final expense insurance. This type of coverage will provide a significant amount of money to your loved ones when you pass away. 

If you are in Idaho, there is a chance you have never heard of final expense. But, these plans are actually quite popular throughout the entire U.S. To learn more about them, continue reading.  

What Is Final Expense Insurance?

A final expense insurance policy provides coverage that insures the life of a person. This person can be you or someone you have close ties to. When the insured person dies, a death benefit payment is paid out to the beneficiaries. Anyone can be a beneficiary. You simply need to choose a person you think is fit to receive the money when you pass.

Applying for Final Expense Insurance

The application process for final expense is simple. You answer some medical questions, then fill out the rest of the application. The underwriters will use your answers to determine the cost of coverage. 

Because you answer medical questions, there is no need to submit to a medical exam. That makes it much easier to qualify for final expense compared to traditional life insurance. Therefore, people who are trying to secure end-of-life income for their loved ones should certainly consider final expense. 

Estimated Cost for Final Expense Insurance

The price of final expense insurance in Idaho varies depending on what part of the state you are located in, your age, your gender, and what your answers to the health questions were. In general, expect to pay between $50 and $100 per month for coverage. The benefits you get with plans in that price range will be around $5,000 to $30,000. 

This is more than enough to pay for typical end-of-life expenses, but larger plans are available. To start searching for a plan in your area, contact a final expense agent.

Contact a Final Expense Agent

Shopping for final expense insurance alone can be overwhelming. To get help, call Senior Life Services at 800-548-3249. We are happy to help you find the plan you need to secure coverage for your family after you pass away.

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