burial insurance is a small life insurance policy that you can buy from a broker like us

Is Burial Insurance a Type Of Life Insurance Policy?

Yes, burial insurance is a type of life insurance policy. However, there are a few differences between standard life insurance policies and burial insurance. The biggest differences are the price, who’s accepted, and the limits of the policy. Read on to learn more about burial insurance, the more affordable life insurance policy.

The Basics of Burial Insurance

Burial insurance, also called final expense insurance, is a type of life insurance policy. However, it is a much smaller policy than typical life insurance. Burial insurance death benefits, the amount paid to your loved ones after your passing, range from $2,000 to $50,000. In comparison, life insurance policies are much larger and can range from $50,000 to the millions. Both policies can be used for anything that the beneficiaries feel is necessary. There are no restrictions on what these policies can be used for. 

You purchase a burial insurance policy just as you would a regular insurance policy. You find a company and plan you like and apply. The main difference between burial insurance and life insurance is that burial insurance is more likely to accept people with pre-existing conditions. While most life insurance policies have you complete a physical exam with your doctor, some burial insurance policies don’t require an exam. In fact, some policies don’t even ask about medical conditions at all.

The Benefits of Burial Insurance

There are three major benefits of burial insurance policies: 

1. The affordability

2. The ease of access, and 

3. The lack of a term limit. 


Burial insurance policies are cheaper alternatives to life insurance policies. The most affordable ones cost about $15/month. The most expensive policies, generally reserved for men 85 and older who have multiple health problems, cost $600. Most people pay between $20-$250

Ease of Access

The second major benefit of burial insurance is how easy it is to apply and be accepted in comparison to life insurance. Many burial insurance policies will take people with moderately serious health conditions. There are certain types of plans that accept anyone, called guaranteed issue plans. These plans don’t ask any health questions and will approve whoever applies. 

No Term Limit

The other major benefit of a burial plan is that it has no term limit. Some life insurance policies have a limit where they only cover the policyholder for a certain period. If the person lives past that time frame, the insurance company won’t pay the death benefit. Burial insurance policies have no term limit, so they’ll always pay regardless of how long the policyholder lives. 

Discover the Perks of Burial Insurance

Burial insurance is a special kind of life insurance. However, it has many advantages to life insurance. To learn more about how this insurance can work for you, contact us at Senior Life Services today!


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