Final Expense in the Sunflower State

If you die suddenly, a variety of expenses will pop up soon after. That’s why it’s important to have insurance coverage. Without a policy in place, this financial burden will fall on your loved ones’ shoulders—during an already hard time.

If you know this, but have failed to qualify for traditional life insurance policies, do not worry.

Final expense insurance is available to older folks even if they have health issues. These policies offer small amounts of coverage, but the benefits are more than enough to pay for the typical funeral and burial or cremation in Kansas.

What Is Final Expense Insurance?

Many people refer to final expense insurance as burial or funeral insurance. It’s fitting because the policies are designed to pay for these expenses, among others. Depending on who is marketing the products, these names may be interchanged, but the coverage you get is still relatively the same. 

Kansas final expense insurance policies function the same way any other whole life insurance policy would. You purchase the policy and hold it until you die, as long as you pay your premiums on time. A death benefit payment will be dispersed to your beneficiaries if you die while the policy is active. You can choose whoever you like to be a beneficiary, as long as it’s someone you trust. Most people name immediate family members. 

Final Expense Benefits in Kansas

Kansas has tons of final expense plans for you to choose from. The one that fits your specific situation depends on what you expect your end-of-life expenses to look like. It also depends on your age and health. 

If you are someone who already has substantial financial assets stored away, a smaller final expense policy may be appropriate for you. People who do not have these essential assets saved up should consider getting a larger policy. 

For the benefit amounts, your options vary. Some plans offer as little as $2,000, while others may exceed $40,000. When this money is dispersed to the beneficiaries, they have the option to spend it on whatever they need to. Many people choose to have the money funded into a trust or directly to a funeral home to ensure their final wishes are carried out.

Are You Covered in Kansas?

You  may be thinking, “I already have life insurance. I don’t want to pay two premiums.” But your term policy may be expiring soon, and you need to make sure there is coverage for the people you leave behind! Senior Life Services will get you started in the Sunflower State with a free quote. Call the number on your screen today.

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