Final Expense in the Old Line State

Aging is hard, and growing older comes with increased concerns about death. Even when your family grows up, and you have fewer responsibilities, leaving them with a financial burden when you die is not ideal.

Funeral and burial costs can reach more than $10,000 in Maryland, The last thing you want to do is leave an expensive, unexpected funeral bill for your loved ones who have their own bills to pay.

Those who do not have significant savings should strongly consider buying a final expense insurance plan. These plans work like life insurance by paying out a death benefit when you pass away. This can solve a lot of problems and help seal your legacy with pleasant memories—not burdens.

Ask About a State-Regulated Final Expense Program

Final expense insurance policies are sold in every U.S. state. If you are not already aware, final expense plans are a type of permanent life insurance that is much easier to qualify for than traditional life insurance plans. Typically, the application process does not involve a medical exam. Instead, applicants only need to submit their prescription records and answer some basic health questions. 

Because of this system, people with prior health conditions are still able to qualify. Some people may not qualify for normal final expense insurance, though. Fortunately, guaranteed issue options exist. These plans cost more, but they accept anyone who applies, regardless of their health condition.  

Get the Most From Your Insurance Policy

Your final expense insurance policy will pay out a substantial death benefit when you die. Although you cannot benefit from this money directly, it can be used to cover the costs of your end-of-life expenses. With the average funeral cost upwards of $9,000 in Maryland, you do not want to die without preparing to pay this expense. Furthermore, end-of-life medical expenses can cost more than $15,000 in this state, which is another thing you need to prepare for.

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