Final Expense in The Bay State

Funerals continue to rise in costs, and not everyone has $10,000 lying around to pay for the expenses. If you think the expense of your funeral will create financial stress for your family or loved ones, final expense insurance may be what you need. Final expense, or burial insurance, gives your beneficiaries the payment they need to cover the costs of your final arrangements.

What Is Final Expense Insurance?

Final expense is a type of permanent life insurance. As long as you continue to pay your low monthly premiums, your beneficiaries are guaranteed to receive the death benefit when you pass away. The death benefits of final expense insurance are small relative to traditional life insurance policies, but provide enough coverage to easily pay for end-of-life expenses. Benefits can cover between $2,000 and $50,000. An experienced agent can help you decide how much coverage you need based on your savings and anticipated expenses.

Why Final Expense Insurance?

In Massachusetts, a full service funeral and burial costs an average of $8,528. A full service cremation costs $7,106, on average. When you add medical bills and debts to this picture, your total end-of-life expenses can easily exceed $10,000. A final expense policy, with monthly premiums as low as $40, can help you provide the funds to cover these expenses so your family can forget those financial worries. 

The benefits from final expense insurance do not need to be spent solely at funeral homes. Once your final arrangements are paid for, your loved ones are free to spend the money however they see fit. 

Applying for a final expense policy in Massachusetts is simple. There is no medical exam, and you only need to answer a few health questions. If you have serious medical concerns and would not qualify for a standard policy, our agents can find you a guaranteed issue final expense policy. These ask no health questions, but come with higher premiums.

Get Final Expense in Massachusetts

Plan to take care of your loved ones even after you are gone with the promise of financial help. Final expense insurance may be the coverage you are looking for to bring your family peace of mind when they need it most. Speak with our experienced agents at Senior Life Services to get a free quote. Call us today at 800-548-3249.

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