Final Expense in the Great Lakes State

You do not need to be worried about how your family will pay for your end-of-life expenses. With a burial insurance policy in Michigan, the entire cost can be paid by a sizable death benefit. Even if you have been unable to qualify for life insurance in the past, these plans are an effective solution. Like traditional life insurance, they pay your family money when you die. How they use it is up to them, but usually, the money is used to take care of any costs that arise due to your death.

About the State-Regulated Final Expense Program

A final expense insurance policy functions the same as a traditional whole life insurance policy. You apply for coverage, then pay premiums to maintain a death benefit. If you die while the plan is active, your beneficiaries are paid the death benefit upfront. This money can be used to pay your end-of-life expenses, removing the burden from your loved ones.

Skip the Invasive Medical Exam

One of the primary reasons that people choose final expense insurance is that these plans do not require a medical exam as traditional life insurance does. Instead, you simply answer a few basic health questions to provide the insurance company with a general idea of what your risk level is. They choose how much to charge you based on the level of risk they determine that you have.

Guaranteed Issue Final Expense

Sometimes people are denied normal final expense plans due to the answers they provide to the health questions. When this happens, there is still another option. In Michigan, many insurers sell guaranteed issue final expense policies that accept all applicants. While these plans do cost more, they offer the necessary protection that you need to ensure that your end-of-life expenses are paid for.

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