Final Expense in The "Show Me" State

Every family worries about finances. But with the right preparation, the end of your life does not have to come with an excess of money stress for your loved ones. Thousands of people in Missouri rely on final expense insurance to help them take care of these concerns and cover the costs of their funeral and burial or cremation.

What Is Final Expense Insurance?

Final expense is a relatively small permanent life insurance policy. It gives policyholders the ability to purchase between $2,000 and $50,000 in coverage to help pay for the expenses tied to their final arrangements and end-of-life costs. When you pass away, your beneficiaries receive the death benefit as a cash payment.

They can use the money as they see fit, or follow your wishes to the letter if you choose to document your plans. Any money left over after your funeral services are paid for can be used to pay for medical bills, debts, living expenses and more, at the discretion of your loved ones.

Benefits of Final Expense in Missouri

When you purchase final expense, your benefit can be as large as you choose within the range you qualify for. Most policyholders elect for more than $10,000 to cover their funeral costs. The average cost of a funeral with a burial in Missouri is $7,270, and the average cost of a full service cremation is $5,951. Luckily, any remaining funds are in the hands of your beneficiaries, so you know that any coverage you purchase beyond the expenses for your funeral can be kept or used appropriately in your loved ones’ interests.

Even if you have term life insurance, final expense can be a good investment. Policies can cost as little as $40 per month, based on your age, sex and health. To apply, you only need to fill out a health questionnaire—no medical exam is needed. Even people with serious health concerns can find a final expense policy with guaranteed issue final expense, which accepts all applicants with no health questions asked.

How to Buy a Policy in Missouri

When you want to protect your family financially, insurance is the way to go. Final expense is an affordable investment to provide your loved ones some relief during a stressful time. When you want to explore your options for burial insurance, speak with the agents at Senior Life Solutions. Our team specializes in pairing seniors with the coverage they need. Call us today at 800-548-3249 for your free quote.

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