Final Expense in Nevada

We all have to contend with the inevitability of our unforeseeable end. However, though it may be unknown when it may happen, that does not mean you have to face it unprepared. One’s death can spell immense expenses to one’s loved ones without proper insurance. Burial insurance can be the answer for you if you are worried about how your family will cover the costs of your funeral expenses. If you are an individual in Nevada without any form of life coverage, it would be a good idea to start looking into final expense insurance as soon as possible.

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What is Final Expense Insurance?

Final expense, alternatively known as Burial Insurance, is a form of life coverage plan that aids with paying expenses associated with one’s expiration. It is different from traditional life insurance, as it does not require a medical examination, and has cheaper premiums and benefits. Coverage can be expected in the form of a lump sum payment to one’s beneficiaries to cover expenses such as: funeral arrangements, burial costs and leftover unpaid bills. This can be used for embalming, caskets, flowers and services, cremation, burial, headstones, internment, and medical or legal bills.

Final expense premiums are often cheaper than traditional life coverage and it also does not require a medical examination. This means it will be quicker to get approved and start coverage as soon as possible. As long as you do not have a serious life threatening condition, you can be ensured coverage. The approval process can be finished in days, often applications are approved the same day as applied. Once approved, coverage will begin immediately.

Final Expense Cost in Nevada

The cost of final expense insurance will vary depending on your age and gender. A female under 50 can expect to pay as little as $25 dollars a month for coverage, while on the other side of the spectrum, a man over 80 can pay up to $190 dollars a month. Both of these amounts, however, are quite cheap compared to the costs of a funeral and burial, which can cost up to $8500 dollars in Nevada.

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In order to protect your loved ones from unexpected costs following your death, you should acquire a final expense insurance plan. These plans are affordable, and can provide your beneficiaries with the means to ensure your funeral and burial costs are paid.

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