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Life may be going well for you, however, have you ever considered that at any point in time, you could die? If you haven’t given thought into how your loved ones would pay for your funeral, given your death, then burial insurance may be perfect for you. Traditional life insurance policies can be expensive and exclusive, by requiring a medical examination and longer approval process.

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What is Final Expense Insurance?

Final expense insurance, otherwise known as burial insurance, is a type of life insurance policy that offers a moderate death benefit. These plans are much more accessible to those who would normally be considered ‘high-risk’ by insurance companies, as they do not require a medical examination. The premiums for these plans are often also lower than their traditional counterparts.

Many people refer to final expense insurance as burial, or funeral insurance because the lump sum payment is appropriate for paying for such expenses. These expenses include: funeral arrangements, burial costs, and outstanding legal, medical, or credit card bills. These funeral payments can cover expenses such as embalming, caskets, flowers, cremation, burial plots, headstone and internment.

Shop for Final Expense Insurance in New York

Applications for final expense insurance often include answering a list of questions associated with one’s general health. These answers are used for determining how much risk would be accompanied with insuring your life. These applications are much more lenient than traditional life insurance applications, and often get approved within a few days, if not the same day.

Final expense premiums can vary depending on your age, gender and health. A female under the age of 50 can pay as little as $25 per month for coverage, whereas a male over 80 could pay up to $190 per month. These costs are quite miniscule compared to the highly expensive average funeral in New York, which could cost up to $10,800.

Finding the Right Final Expense Plan

In order to mitigate the costs of one’s end-of-life expenses, you should get a final expense insurance policy. These plans offer reasonable death benefits at affordable prices. Our agents at Senior Life Services can offer you a free quote today by calling 800-548-3249.

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