No waiting period burial insurance

There are a couple of ways to get no waiting period burial insurance. 

The easiest route is through simplified issue life insurance. However, there are still guaranteed issue life insurance policies out there with no waiting period as well. 

So, let’s take a look at what options you have.

No waiting period burial insurance

No waiting period burial insurance through simplified issue

This is the best all-around no waiting period burial insurance. 

That’s because the premiums are lower and the available death benefits are higher. 

For simplified issue life insurance, in lieu of a medical exam, you answer a health and lifestyle questionnaire. Approval isn’t guaranteed, but most who apply are accepted. 

These questionnaires differ from company to company, so talking with a life insurance agent who has access to multiple companies, like the agents here at Senior Life Services, is the best way to find out who can accept your medical issues.

Will I have a waiting period if I have diabetes?

It is not only possible to find burial insurance for diabetics, but it’s also possible to find an affordable plan with no waiting period. 

If you were to have to answer any questions about your disease, what the insurance companies are trying to find out is when you were first diagnosed. Usually, if you have been diagnosed in your senior years, there’s no problem getting a simplified issue policy.

Is there a waiting period if I have cancer?

Unfortunately, if you were diagnosed with cancer within the last two years, even if you beat it, there is no way around getting a life insurance policy without a waiting period. That is, unless it was basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma. These two forms of cancer do not affect your ability to get final expense life insurance. 

If you have not had cancer or been treated for it for at least three years, there ARE companies out there who will issue you burial insurance with no waiting period!

Is there guaranteed acceptance life insurance policies without a waiting period?

Short answer, no. 

You may find articles out there saying different, but the only payout you will receive if you are to pass away during the first two years (or three depending on the policy) are the premiums you paid into the policy and some interest.

The only exception is if you pass away due to an accident. Some even pay out double due if you die due to an accident if you have the applicable rider added on to the policy.

Just because you have health issues doesn’t mean you have to get guaranteed issue

We can usually find a company that will insure you despite your health issues. 

Even if one company doesn’t accept your specific complications doesn’t mean another won’t. 

In fact, this is one way, outside of price, that they compete. So, give us a shot to find you a policy that will insure you with no waiting period!

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