Final Expense in the Sooner State

Thousands of people in Oklahoma currently have final expense insurance policies to protect their loved ones from unexpected bills when they pass away. These plans provide a moderate death benefit that helps pay funeral and medical bills that the insured person may leave behind. If you already have life insurance, do not worry, final expense can be used as a supplement to other policies. 

If you are an Oklahoma resident who does not have any coverage, strongly consider final expense insurance. These plans are often quite affordable.

Final Expense Insurance: What Is it?

Final expense, or burial insurance, is a whole life insurance policy that offers smaller death benefits than traditional life insurance. Although these benefits are small, they usually offer enough money to pay for final expenses, like funerals, burials, and cremations. Fortunately, even people with health issues can qualify for final expense insurance. This is because there are fewer restrictions and no required medical exam to qualify. 

Therefore, if you are considered to be at a high level of risk, final expense will be easier to qualify for than other forms of life insurance. Furthermore, final expense becomes an even better option when you enter your golden years. Keep in mind: final expense may cost you more if you are high risk, but that does not mean you cannot qualify.

Final Expense Costs in Oklahoma

The cost of final expense insurance in Oklahoma varies. Though, you can expect to pay an amount ranging between $30 and $70 per month, depending on what plan you get and your prior health conditions. This is not much compared to the average cost of a funeral and burial, which can easily add up to $12,000. Considering the overall cost, you would certainly not want to put that burden on your family. 

Avoid putting additional financial strain on your family in their time of need by buying a final expense insurance plan. There are many plans available to Oklahoma residents, so do not hesitate to contact an insurance agent today.

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