Pros and Cons of Cremation

Cremation is now the most popular option for final deposition. In 2019, this method was linked to 54% of deaths according to the National Funeral Directors Association. Speculators project that this figure will rise to around 75% by 2040.

Here are some pros and cons of selecting this option.

Pros of cremation

Planning is easier: The cremation option is easier than a burial as there aren’t any elaborate arrangements or logistics for the survivorship of the deceased to deliberate on.

Costs are low relative to traditional burials: The main justification for cremation is cost. Cremation is cheaper than burial. According to NBC News, the average cost of a funeral is about $6,500, including $2,000 or more for the cost of a casket. By contrast, a cremation costs a third of those prices. The cheapest cremation option is termed “direct cremation” with a bland ceremony.

Memorial options are more varied: With cremation, there are more options for memorial services. The cremated remains can be buried, but the other options include storing the ashes in a container, planting a tree in remembrance, or selecting a new type of memorial venue. 

Cons of cremation

Cremations are not available everywhere: Agreement is more difficult: Not every family will have trouble coming to an agreement over cremation, but many families do, particularly those who have strong religious beliefs or stick to more conservative traditions. family members may not want to split up the ashes.

Burials are more traditional and will be expected by most people. There is also the pressure to justify your choice.

Family members may want to keep the ashes: After the cremation process at the memorial service, family and friends may want some of the ashes for themselves, while some may want it scattered. This may lead to family tension.

Cremation is a legacy that is hard to explain to children: Kids usually understand death to be followed by burial.

Overall, it is important to have clear-the-air talks with family members in order to make a choice that everyone is in consonance with.

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