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There is no warning for one’s untimely death, which can come at any moment. However inevitable death may be, one does not need to approach it unprepared. Final expense insurance can be the protection you need for your loved ones if you do not have significant savings ready to pay for extensive funeral costs. Many plans are available for residents of Rhode Island, and thousands have already opted into final expense coverage.

If you are a resident of Rhode Island without any life coverage, you may be interested in continuing reading for more information below.

What is Final Expense Insurance?

Final expense insurance is sometimes referred to as funeral or burial insurance. It is a whole life insurance policy that guarantees a lump sum payment out to your beneficiaries following your death. It is cheaper, and more accessible than traditional life insurance policies insofar as it does not require a medical examination.

This leads to final expense insurance being a more suitable option for those with moderate health risks, or more advanced in age. Coverage can be almost guaranteed, assuming you don’t already have a serious life threatening condition. Applications for these plans can be approved within a few days, if not the same day as submission.

Final Expense Insurance Cost in Rhode Island

Final expense insurance prices can vary somewhat depending on your age, gender and general health status. A healthy female below the age of 50 can expect to pay as low as $25 a month for coverage, where a male over the age of 80 could pay up to $190 per month. Both of these premiums, however, are quite cheap when compared to the cost of an average funeral in Rhode Island of $9300.

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