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Do not be too concerned with how your family will cover your end-of-life expenses. By purchasing a final expense insurance policy, you can prepare for the costs of common end-of-life expenses like burial, cremation, and funerals. Even if you have tried to get life insurance in the past, but have now given up, final expense insurance can still be a great option. 

These plans accept a far wider range of applicants than traditional life insurance, so you are not out of options. To learn more about final expense insurance and the associated benefits, read on. 

What is Final Expense Insurance?

Final expense insurance is a non-standard form of life insurance that technically qualifies as whole life insurance. These plans provide policyholders with life coverage that only expires when they stop paying their premiums. If the insured person dies during the policy’s active period, the beneficiaries listed in the policy are set to receive a death benefit payment. This payment is decided when the contract is signed and it usually cannot be changed while the policy is active. 

Are There Medical Exams?

Final expense insurance does not require a medical exam. This is unlike traditional life insurance plans, which nearly always require applicants to participate in a medical exam. The medical exam often excludes people from qualifying, making traditional life insurance much harder to get if you are sick or above a certain age. 

This is no issue with the final expense plans, as you are only required to answer a list of key medical questions. Some of these questions are quite basic, though others may ask for more detail about your medical history. Usually, your prescription history is also checked to confirm your overall medical state. Still, it is much harder to get denied final expense insurance than it is traditional life insurance. 

Guaranteed Issue Final Expense Insurance

If you are, by some chance, denied final expense insurance, you can still get the coverage you need. Guaranteed issue final expense plans accept all applicants, meaning you cannot be rejected. This is extremely useful for people who suffer from chronic conditions that prevent them from getting accepted by other plans. 

The only downside to guaranteed issue final expense is that these plans cost significantly more than other final expense plans. Regardless, the benefits are worthwhile. They allow you to get the money your family will need to properly put you to rest after you pass away. 

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