Top 5 Mistakes Made When Planning a Funeral

Top 5 Mistakes Made When Planning a Funeral

Individuals usually make several mistakes when planning a funeral that they later tend to regret in hindsight. The following are the top 5 such mistakes that you ought to avoid so that you can plan the funeral more efficiently.


Overspending is a very common mistake people make when they wait until a beloved one has died to make proper funeral arrangements. Most individuals usually end up choosing more costly services and items since that is what the deceased would have served or wanted. When you efficiently preplan a funeral service, you can steer clear from emotional overspending by creating a budget and sticking to it.

Not Clarifying Your Final Wishes

When you reach out to the funeral director to start your funeral arrangements, ensure that they comprehend everything you would like the service to entail. There are several options to consider, so you must discuss everything thoroughly with the funeral director and ensure you account for each detail.

This involves important things such as deciding between burial or cremation, what kind of funeral service you would like, etc. You do not want to put members of your family in the tricky situation of making eleventh-hour decisions in the few days before the service.

Selecting the First Funeral Home You Come Across

Do you gravitate towards the first option each time when you buy a car, a home, or anything else? For many, there is a thorough interaction process and research essential before arriving at any decision. Most of the time, this is unfortunately forgotten or overlooked at times of cremation or burial and results in regret later on. You should compare the services and expenses of cemeteries, inurnment, and interment to reduce any extra stress or financial loss.

Overlooking Important Details

A funeral is your final chance for remembering the deceased. Although it is fine to keep things simple and modest for the funeral ceremony, you should also consider important details of the deceased’s life and seek ways to emphasize those in the ceremony. Was the deceased a guitarist? Did he or she have a favorite song? Or, did they serve in the army?

Believing Process is Complete Post Funeral Ceremony

Such crucial details, among other things, are exactly what made the deceased individual you cared for special. By incorporating these elements into the funeral, people will not doubt whose funeral service they attended.

We usually incorrectly think of the funeral service as a single occasion, and then it is time to move on. However, this is not true. A funeral is undoubtedly the ultimate goodbye, but the feeling of grief for those left behind can linger on for several years. 

With a burial insurance policy, you can find comfort in knowing that your funeral plans will be carried out. To learn more about burial insurance and if it is the right path for you and your family, reach out to Senior Life Services today.

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