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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Preplan Your Funeral

It is becoming more and more prevalent for individuals these days to preplan their funeral for several reasons. Read on to learn about the top 5 reasons you should preplan your funeral.

Lessen Financial Burden

All of us hope to leave assets behind for our kids when we die, yet an extended stay in an elderly care facility can burn through your life savings. The assets that remain are usually non-liquid, which does not assist with the instant need to pay crematorium or mortuary expenses. When you preplan and prepay for your funeral and related expenses, it lowers or eliminates the financial burden on those you leave behind. The good news for you if you want to prepay for your funeral is that most mortuaries offer flexible prepayment options (incremental) over several months or years.

Ability to Arrive at your Own Decisions

The majority of individuals want to feel fully in control over key decisions that directly impact their lives. Usually, that also extends to decisions related to end-of-life. Preplanning your funeral is one of these important decisions you need to make.

Although no one can accurately predict death’s circumstances and time, most take a lot of comfort and reassurance in knowing they have chosen ahead of time the type of location, burial, and the kind of funeral they want. While most folks plan to make such vital decisions, ultimately, they never really follow through on that.

Flexibility to Take a Greater Amount of Time to Preplan Funeral

Unfortunately, most funerals are hurriedly planned in just about a week (or two!). That can result in people making rushed and unwise decisions. When you are preplanning your funeral, you have a terrific opportunity and a lot of time to be more disciplined about the whole process.

Desiring Others to Follow Your Final Wishes

If you have particular preferences for your funeral, you can preplan these things and explicitly mention them in your funeral plan. You might have a preference for cremation or burial, the readings, and music at your funeral or the elegy on your headstone. You might not even desire a funeral ceremony. No matter your particular wishes, you can lay them out in advance in your funeral plan.

Preventing any Extra Stress

There is no denying that your family will need time to grieve and be under a lot of stress when you kick the bucket and are not around anymore. You can ease some of that painful stress by ensuring all of your funeral affairs are in proper order before you take your last breath.

If you have any questions regarding preplanning your funeral, please reach out to us!

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