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Final expense insurance is a common form of coverage that benefits millions of Americans every year. Though, the policyholders are not the direct beneficiaries of the plans. Instead, their loved ones and other beneficiaries are the ones who collect income once the policyholder passes away.

You could say that the insured person benefits in some ways because their memory is upheld and their end-of-life wishes are more likely to come to fruition. Loved ones can use the money granted by a final expense plan to pay for your funeral and burial or cremation, ensuring that they do not need to take on these vast expenses individually. 

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Final Expense Insurance Guidelines

Final expense insurance policies are a specific type of life insurance policy. They function like whole life insurance policies, except they do not require applicants to complete a medical exam. This makes it much easier to qualify for a final expense plan if you have chronic health conditions or other health-related problems.

When you apply for final expense insurance, you must answer a range of health questions that will be used to determine the risk level associated with insuring your life. These answers will allow the underwriter to identify how much it will cost to provide you with coverage. If you are facing a large range of health issues, you may be relegated to guaranteed final expense insurance instead.

Guaranteed Final Expense

Guaranteed final expense insurance is a type of final expense insurance policy that is available to anyone who applies. You cannot be rejected coverage by one of these plans. Though, the costs more than makeup for the wide availability of coverage. Expect to pay nearly twice as much for a guaranteed issue plan in most cases. Still, the coverage is worth it because it will pay off when you pass away, and your family needs the funds to bury you.

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