What Burial Benefits Do Veterans Get?

What Burial Benefits Do Veterans Get?

Veterans (and sometimes their spouses) receive several burial and funeral benefits. Read on to learn more about what these are:

Veteran Burial Advantages: Private Burial Ground

Burial benefits for a Veteran for a private burial ground (cemetery) include a Government marker or a headstone, an exclusive Presidential Memorial Certificate, and a burial flag, at absolutely no expense to the veteran’s family. A few of the veterans might even be entitled to burial allowances. However, it is important to know that there are no advantages available to dependents or spouses buried in a private burial ground.

National Cemetery Burial Benefits for Veterans

Veterans Administration runs its operations in more than 100 National burial grounds countrywide and provides burial for eligible individuals at zero expense. The available burial advantages entail a gravesite in any burial ground with space available, continuous care, a Government marker or headstone, a Presidential Memorial Certificate, and a burial flag. These burial benefits at zero cost to the veteran’s family. Some of the veterans might even be entitled to burial allowances.

Remains (cremated) are inurned or buried in national burial grounds in the same way and with the same kind of respect as casketed remains. Available Burial advantages for dependants and spouses (of the veteran) buried in a national burial ground include continuous care and burial with a veteran. Also, the spouse’s date of birth and name is inscribed on the headstone of the veteran. Dependants and spouses who are eligible might be buried, even if they die before the veteran.

Veteran burial benefits are also categorized into two important groups: those who die owing to a service-related injury and those who die in active duty.

Passing away owing to an injury (service-related)

The veteran who dies due to a service-related injury is eligible for burial in a national burial ground, a burial flag, and a marker or a headstone. Such veterans are also entitled to receive an allowance (burial) of up to $2000 to cover part of the funeral director’s costs, the coffer, and transport expenses. If the veteran’s family buries the individual at a national burial ground, some or all of the expenses to transport the veteran’s dead body might be reimbursed.

Passing Away during active duty

The military service will pay all of the funeral costs for veterans who die in active duty. These costs include preparing the body, urn or casket, transport to disposition place, a gravesite in burial ground (national), marker or headstone, internment, and a burial flag. Apart from covering these expenses, the deceased veteran’s family members (immediate) receive transportation (free of cost) to the site where they will bury the body. Next of kin are also eligible for a “death privilege” of $100,000.
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