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What is High-Risk Life Insurance

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When someone applies for an insurance policy, the provider does a lot of consideration, depending on the type of policy.  Some policies, like burial insurance, will care less about health problems.  However, there are some types of insurance policies that care a lot about health.  Life insurance is one of those.

There are multiple types of life insurance policies.  If you’re someone with a health condition or life-threatening habit, know that there are still options available to you.  However, those options may be very limited.  When researching plans available, you’ve probably come across high-risk life insurance.  There are a lot of specifics about this type of life insurance, so let’s discuss what this could mean and if this is the right type of policy for you. 

High-Risk Life Insurance

There are multiple reasons why someone is considered to be a high risk by an insurance provider.  Many may think the only reason is illness or health, but there are a few other circumstances that might qualify you for this type of policy.

Those who have a dangerous job or hobby may be considered high risk.  If you went skydiving once, you wouldn’t have any reason to worry.  However, if you regularly engage in dangerous activities, it may impact your options when trying to purchase a life insurance policy.

Those with dangerous habits may qualify for high risk.  This is in a different category than hobbies.  Those who smoke are within this category, as well as tobacco chewers.  Any habit that could impact your life expectancy or probability for developing a dangerous illness could be looked at when purchasing a life insurance policy.

High-risk life insurance policies are also for those that have health issues.  Those health issues prevent them from enrolling in another type of life insurance, so providers offer a high-risk option.  There are a few things you should know about enrolling in a high-risk life insurance policy.  Let’s go over those details and discuss the specifics.


Because insurance providers are risking more when they offer a qualifying individual this type of policy, the premium will most likely be higher.  Compared to a typical life insurance policy, a high-risk plan can be significantly more pricey.  However, this isn’t a reason to not purchase life insurance.  Those who qualify for high-risk life insurance may be the ones that need it the most.


There are different types of life insurance policies.  Some of them will require underwriting or the provision of health information, and some of them won’t.  Many people with health difficulties may choose a policy that will allow them to skip the underwriting process.

Qualifying for a high-risk life insurance policy is not difficult.  With very straightforward qualification terms independent of your health status, almost every applicant gets approved for these plans after they apply. Hence, it is important to know if you should apply for a guaranteed acceptance policy and not a policy that requires underwriting.

Applying for a no-health question policy is very simple. It only takes about 15 minutes on average to get an application with an independent agent over the line. This is because there is zero underwritings with a guaranteed issue life insurance plan. No matter your health condition, you will still be eligible for coverage. These plans are designed for people with high risk, pre-existing concerns.  If you’re wanting to schedule a free consultation, you can give us a call and make an appointment.  One of our insurance professionals can review your situation and help you find the next step.

Eligibility requirements for this type of policy include:

  • Being a US citizen
  • Falling within the 40-85 age range
  • State availability

Guaranteed issue life insurance has the following basic features:

  • No medical questions asked and no exam required.
  • Guaranteed acceptance 
  • Fixed monthly premiums
  • Guaranteed death benefits
  • Accrual of cash value
  • No expiration date, meaning that the policy will reach until your death
  • Mandatory graded period

Bringing high-risk into the picture, a guaranteed issue has stringent limitations in the mandatory graded period, lower face value amounts (usually a cap of $25,000), and increased monthly premiums. For this, a guaranteed issue policy is designed to be the last resort for those who cannot qualify for other kinds of life insurance policies.  

High-risk life insurance policies should not be the first option someone looks at.  While they are a viable and good option, they’re not intended for someone who can qualify easily for another type of insurance.

Before you delve into the easy application procedure of a zero-questions policy, you should evaluate your eligibility for an instant coverage policy! This may be a simplified-issue policy or an underwritten policy. Of course, qualifying for instant coverage depends on your high-risk condition. 

Insurers may look at the following:

  • Answers to health quizzes on the application form
  • A review of prescription history
  • A review of your MIB file for any relevant records

After screening, they will decide whether you qualify for an instant issue policy or whether you should qualify for a guaranteed issue acceptance policy.  This is the one of the many reasons why it’s important to do your research.  Researching not only policies available, but various insurance providers, will help you select the right option.

Is this the right type of policy for you?

Picking an insurance policy can be difficult and confusing.  There are so many different options available and getting quotes from different agents can be a lengthy process.  If you’re ready to start making decisions, it’s best to work with a professional who can answer all your questions and help with the research.

Working with Senior Life Services means having access to a team of insurance professionals.  We prioritize our clients and are available to help with every step of the insurance selection process.  If you’re ready to begin purchasing a life insurance policy, give us a call.  Making an appointment is an excellent step toward enrolling in the life insurance policy that will provide for those you love.


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