you may not qualify for final expense insurance if you're "too old"

Who Doesn’t Qualify for Final Expense Insurance?

Final expense is easy to qualify for and a great option for many individuals. But who doesn’t qualify for final expense insurance? Let’s find out.

Who Qualifies?

To understand who does not qualify for final expense insurance, you should first know who does. In general, pretty much anyone can qualify for this plan. Final expense is known for being an easy-to-get plan because it does not require a medical exam to be accepted into the plan. Policy applicants will typically be asked to answer a few questions about their health, but not a full exam. However, if you are applying for a guaranteed-issue plan, this questionnaire is not even required. No medical exam does not always mean a guaranteed policy — you will need to check with your insurer to determine your exact eligibility.

You may not qualify for final expense if you:

Have a Medical History

While final expense plans do not require a medical exam for approval, many do require a medical questionnaire. On this questionnaire, you will be asked about your recent medical history, including hospital visits, hospice and/or nursing home living, etc.

Despite this, you will still not be turned away from a final expense plan if you have a pre-existing condition. Not qualifying for one of these plans for medical reasons, then, only occurs in very specific, rare circumstances.

Are Considered Too Old by the Plan

Although you may qualify for a final expense plan regardless of age, there are instances in which the plan you are applying to considers you too old to accept into their policy. This disqualification varies between insurance companies, as some will still accept you even if you are considered too old by other companies.

Typically, age disqualification occurs when you are 90 or older. In some cases with some plans, this may be as low as 80 or older. When you’ve reached this age, there are still plans who will accept you, if you search for them.

Have a “Dangerous” Personal Life

Sometimes, when applying to a final expense plan, they will ask you questions about your profession and hobbies. If your plan considers these qualifiers too “dangerous” or “life-threatening,” they may reject you from coverage.

These things may include working as a pilot, logger, farmer, structural steel/ironworkers, drivers/truck drivers, or any other career considered high-risk. And, if you have a hobby such as scuba diving, skydiving, mountain climbing, racing, boxing, cliff jumping, and any other “high-risk” hobbies.

Qualifying for Final Expense Is Easy, Finding a Good Plan Is Hard

Chances are, you will qualify for a final expense plan. If you do, we here at Senior Life Services will work with you and find the best plan on the market for your needs and budget. If you don’t, we will work with you to find you the coverage you need, regardless of your eligibility. For all of your life insurance needs and questions, we’re here for you — contact Senior Life Services today.

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